A C++ Simulator for PGSP Systems

This software tool developed in C++ is capable of simulating Probabilistic Guarded Scripted P Systems (PGSP systems, for short) in an efficient manner. So far, this simulator is only available for Windows systems, although it will be also adapted for Linux systems.

To compile the code, simply unzip the content of the file a folder in your local machine. Then, add ProbabilisticSimplifiedSequentialSimulator.vcxproj as a project in Visual Studio. All the dependences are already in the unizipped file.

Once you have compiled the code with Visual Studio, execute:

ProbabilisticSimplifiedSequentialSimulator "inputmodel.pgxml" "resultsfile.csv" "runtime.csv" "simulations" "steps" objects.xml"


  • “inputmodel.pgxml” is a file with extension .pgxml the file containing the model to simulate. This model must be in PGXML format. These files are directly generated out of PGSP system files in P-Lingua by MeCoGUI. This functionality will be integrated into the next P-Lingua release.
  • “resultsfile.csv” is the route where the simulation results will be stored in .CSV format.
  • “runtime.csv” is the route where the simulation runtime will be stored in .CSV format.
  • “simulations” is the number of simulations to run.
  • “steps” is the number of steps to run per simulation.
  • “objects.xml” is a .XML file containing the script parameters and object cardinalities that you wish to save in inputmodel.pgxml.

The software is available at Sourceforge repository under GPL license version 3.0. More information can be found on the following papers:

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