MeCoGUI: A Simple, Java-Based Graphic User Interface for P-Lingua

This software tool provides a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) to parse and simulate P systems, enabling it to cross-talk with tools such as such as R, MATLAB, etc. responsible for generating the required parameter files and analyzing the results. The current version of MeCoGUI provides all functionality from pLinguaCore, plus additional features such as support for Probabilistic Guarded Scripted P systems and Regenerative P systems.

To execute MeCoGUI, simply run:

java -jar mecogui.jar

If you want to integrate a specific version of pLinguaCore into MeCoGUI, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download mecogui.jar
  2. Open the file with any unzipping tool
  3. Delete the version of pLinguaCore from the mecogui.jar. It is named as follows: plinguacore<some_characters>.jar
  4. Include the version of pLinguaCore that you want to integrate into mecogui.jar

The software is available at under GPL license version 3.0. More information can be found on the following papers:

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