Dpto. de Ciencias de la Computación e
Inteligencia Artificial
Universidad de Sevilla

Lógica Informática - Docencia en Inglés [Curso 2017-2018]

Part I: Propositional Logic

Part II: First Order Logic

Systems: Prover9/Mace4 Gateway to Logic

Schedule: Monday from 12:40 to 14:30 and Thursday from 12:40 to 14:30 in room A2.15.

Lecturer: Andrés Cordón Franco (Home page).

Office hours: http://www.cs.us.es/tablon/tutorias.php

Methodology: Lectures and exercise sessions will be interleaved throughout normal scheduled class time.

Grading: Your grade in the 'alternative evaluation method' will be based on grades you get in your mid-semester exam(40%) and your final exam(60%).
Recommended books
Lógica Informática - Docencia en Inglés